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Pesarattu ( green Moong Dal Dosa) The soaked green gram kis ground water to prepare a batter which is then spread on a non stick pan, then mixed with salt just like regular rice based dosas. With a little planning breakfast dinner can be made in a moments notice.
Take about a ladle of moong dal batter and gently spread them thinly in the circular motion like in the picture. Drizzle a tablespoon of chopped onion is the randomly roller that dosa again drizzle a teaspoon of oil to make the dosa.

Not only the taste but the aroma and texture of the dosa also varies according to the ingredients used in the batter. For the batter: Soak the whole green moong dal. The Poha Yellow Moong Dal Dosa.

Just like rotis made of different flours have different flavours, dosas made of varied batters also have varied flavours. This dosa does not need fermentation like the traditional dosa. If needed, add 1/ 4 cup of water while grinding the mixture. I make Pesarattu at.

Moong dal dosa do utraty wagi. Do serve it with your favourite bowl of chutney and sambhar. Here is how to do Pesarattu dosa.

Some batters need to be fermented while some do not. Pesarattu dosa is made with moong dal.
Pesarattu Dosa Recipe with step by step photos – Pesarattu Dosa or Moong Dal Dosa is a popular breakfast recipe of Andhra Pradesh. The pesarattu is best enjoyed hot with coconut chutney as ind the soaked moong dal chopped onion, cumin seeds , soaked rice along with green chilies ginger.

Here is how to make moong dal dosa.

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Wash and soak dal for 15 to 30 minutes. Grind the moong dal with ginger, salt, chilies, cumin and water as required.

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The batter must be smooth and the consistency should be similar to that of dosa batter. Drain the water from the soaked moong dal. In a blender add moong dal, ginger, green chilies, cumin seeds, salt and grind to a smooth batter consistency. Moong Dal Dosa is an incredibly healthy version of the regular dosa that we make in India.
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